Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning part 1

Christmas morning the kids woke bright and early to find that Santa did come! (I think I was actually more excited than they were!) We slept at my mother-in-laws home and they got to wake up early with us (not sure how happy they were)! 
 The kids slowly dove into their stockings and present from Santa-
 Then they really started working their magic on the presents- Miles was fanatic about making sure all the wrapping paper was off each and every present.
 Bennett got his favorite toy...a slinky. All the boy wanted for Christmas was a slinky and a pogo stick...sadly the pogo stick didn't make it (i don't think he really knows what it is).
 Halle got the kicks of her dreams...she has been DIEING for these. Yes they light up, and yes when you are driving at night it makes you really nervous to see blue lights flashing behind you all the time.