Sunday, February 20, 2011


Weekends are always nice and refreshing. A way to re-energize the batteries. For me that has been being able to sleep in till 7. A couple of fabulous things-
1. Starting a new workout program at our local gym...a 5a.m. class comes VERY early sometimes.
2. Finding this delightful site and all she has to offer.
3. Watching a good friend of mine enter the Project Run and Play challenge. Check out her stuff, and then go vote for her HERE. (what I would wish to have her girlies hand-me-downs!!)
4. Finishing my menu...for the YEAR. You heard me, I just menu'd (not really a word) the whole year out...with a meal repeat every 3-4 weeks. I was tired of doing the same type of thing every week and thought why not make it simple and know exactley what I am suppose to cook?? I will mix it up a bit with some ideas from here ( a gift from my mom) and here as new recipes come up that I am dieing to try.
4-And some of the biggest news- just found out that I will be going here with my mom and sister!! Super excited.
Other than that, just enjoying the weekend-



Marissa said...

Hey! I'm signed up to go to womens conference with my mom!!!! We will meet up for sure!! Let's chat soon!!

acos said...

samye, i just wanted to say i really love reading your blog. you're real and entertaining. just thought you should know you have a fan. haha :) love ya!!

k a t y said...

Thanks for the shout out, Samye! :)