Monday, February 28, 2011

Houston Zoo with the Boys

I think I have mentioned that we have a family pass to the Houston Zoo- it is such a great zoo! And the best part is that we live 15 minutes from it! The boys and I have become frequent guests at the zoo, and each time I try picking a certain area to go to...that way we can keep the rotation going! Here are some pics from our most recent adventure-
Bennett and Miles both loved the huge fish- Bennett is showing me his favorite one.

Miles has gotten into the pointing also

Such an exhausting trip to the zoo!!

As we were walking out- we also got to pet a lizard, a coral snake, and another snake. The lady told me that the last snake that we got to pet was a fantastic family pet...I told her I grew up in the country where the only good snake was a dead one. I don't think she appreciated my comment.



Allison said...

So fun! I miss the zoo... we are pretty far from any. The boys are adorable! Your snake comment made me laugh... that's how I feel too! Give me a shovel and any snake hanging around is in trouble ;o) Looks like you have nice weather, we'll be in OK and TX the next week or so and I'm looking forward to warmer temps!

Devin and Megan said...

HAHA my thoughts exactly!! We we live by the wet lands out here. There was a snake, I flipped out. My husband laughed and said it was a BIG garden snake. I don't care its a SNAKE. end of discussion! Remember girls camp :)

Hibbard Family said...

A zoo! That would be great to have so close and I totally agree with you about the snake!