Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being Thoughtful

We just received one of the nicest most thoughtful presents...ever.

Some friends of ours back in Vegas sent us this picture. As a thoughtful way of saying thanks to my sweet husband who worked with the youth back in Vegas. We are both blown away by their touching gift, and the beauty of this gift. The painting is GORGEOUS...the most talented piece of art we own. We were both hoping one day to own a picture of the Dallas Temple that was nice (as we were married there just about 7 years ago), but knew that there were alot of other things that would need to be purchased first (how about couches to start with...) anyway- we are so excited to be able to hang this and it just makes us realize how much we do miss our old friends. Check out his other work, he is a really talented photographer. (And to make him even more talented, I think I remember hearing that he develops all of his own photos, and does everything by hand.)

Interested in the fact that we don't own couches right now?? It is is called lots of pillows and blankets on the floor to watch movies. We actually sold our couches back in Vegas because we didn't want to move with them (they were dieing anyway) so we figured we would move here, live in an apartment until we found a home, then get couches. These 6 months are hard when we have nowhere soft to sit....



Emily B said...

That picture is gorgeous! What a nice present to send. We want a picture of the temple right now too, but they are so expensive! And having couches is overated. ;) Blankets and pillows on the floor sounds like a lot more fun. I bet your kids love it.

Sara & Jess Phillips said...

Jess and I found inflatable couches when we were apartment dwellers. They weren't too bad either. Just a temporary solution.