Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One V-E-R-Y expensive hairball

Let's start this story back on Wednesday.

Of course the cat starts acting lethargic...

fast forward to Saturday night...she starts throwing up.

(que the oh geeeez...seriously....)

Sunday she isn't eating anything and continues to throw up, but by now there isn't anything left in her stomach. So she is wondering around the house all day just throwing up stomach bile...

Monday- we decide it might be best if we go to the vet...haven't been to the vet here and just look into going to one close. Everyone recommends a certain vet, and a dr.

This Dr doesn't have any openings...

All the vets that we have been to have been nice, reputable, and easy to work with when we say "We love our cat...but it is a cat"

So we just see the vet with the closest opening.

I get in at 8:45 a.m. for my appointment (scheduled appointment here)

The vet sees us at 10 a.m. (mind you I do have my 1 and 3 year old with me)

She says this is serious...

we do x-rays... all she finds is a giant gas bubble so nothing is stuck in there.

We do blood work...because it is serious... (did you know that it is just a "little bit" cheaper to send bloodwork out rather than to do it in house?? TRY 50 BONES CHEAPER) We send the blood work out (duh)

We finish all of this at 11 freakin 30.

Total time we saw the Dr. = 15 minutes.

NOT HAPPY...but maybe this will cure her, we will find out what happened.

4 Hours later, she finally throws up a giant huge hairball.


good thing the vet sent us home with antibiotics...



Amy said...

Oh my gosh. We just got smacked with a ginormous vet bill for nothing, too. $115 for freaking blood work to see if the dog has kidney failure and then the vet goes, "Oh! What nice, concentrated urine! That means no kidney issues!" Mmmmm....damn.

Amy said...

Sorry for your expensive hairball, but glad I don't feel so alone!