Thursday, February 3, 2011

100 Days

Halle enjoyed her 100th day of kinder party today. They had a super cute parade, fun activities and lots of things they did today to celebrate the 100th day! Her shirt had 100 safety pins, with 100 ribbons tied on.

As a side note- the mayor officially shut down the city of Houston on Friday. All schools are closed... this winter weather is "so scary!!" The honest truth- it is 10pm, dry outside, and I really doubt something major is going to hit. The weather girl right now is having us watch her headlights on her car so we can see the snow...because you can't see it otherwise. I remember living in Bloomington, the weather was like this every day for months on end.

These Texans are crazy!!



Emilee said...

I'm laughing too! I just took out my trash- SILLY ME! I'm the only one on the street who did and EVERYONE is still home. No work today. Too funny!