Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Sick Monday

Halle spent all last week sick. A fever...that is it. As long as I kept her on ibuprofen she seemed normal.

Boys got it Sat & Sun so it looks like we will be spending another week inside.

I did go to Old Navy over the weekend and scored some major deals. THE BEST DEAL? Did you know that at old navy- usually by the checkout they have a cardboard box full of "stuff". Things that fell off outfits, things without pricetags....and all of these things go for .10. That is right. 10 cents. Bennett got a new tie- 10 cents, Halle got two new headbands 10 cents, Glow in the dark necklaces- 10 cents (because who doesn't want some). I also scored a golf polo for D-man for .96, yep 96 cents. I was super proud.

Here are some pics of the boys and I goofing around this morning- nothing like passing time playing with photo booth.



Emily B said...

It seems like your poor kids are always sick! I hope they are feeling better today. And I love Old Navy. I got a few things from there this month for 40% off the already discounted price. I didn't do as well as you did (.96 cents!), but I still felt pretty good about my finds.

jamie t. said...

you guys can't seem to catch a break! Hope you all get feeling better soon.

Kris said...

Sweet deals at Old Navy! ANd Ihave never seen teh "stuff" box before... maybe it doesn't exist in Utah? Sorry you'll have another week inside. Bummer for sure.

Hibbard Family said...

Man you guys have had a sick season! Kaden has the same thing right now.. thank goodness for that motrin :)

The Walkers said...

Samye! It's been fun to catch up on your blog and read about your life in Texas. So sorry to hear about all the sickness you guys have had...this winter time stinks!