Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Sickly Christmas

Christmas didn't exactley go how we wanted it to this all. Let me start from the very begininning.

The Friday before Christmas Halle had her class Christmas party which the boys and I went to. I LOVE her new we went to be supportive and help. As we were sitting there- another Dad (I think to myself of course it was a offense dads) was sitting there with his son who was HACKING up a lung. Gross, wet, mucusy coughing everywhere. Sitting there I thought- we are going to get this...Bennett will get this.

We went down to spend the week before Christmas with Dustin's family. A collision of events happened on Monday- there was a severe weather change (get those asthmatic kids everytime...going from 50 - 80 degrees in one day), and that Christmas party bug started to show its face. I spent all that day on the phone with our ped (see previous post) and finally got a nebulizer and some meds for Bennett to hopefully prevent what I new was coming.

It got worse

and worse

and Miles started coughing.... and Halle started coughing...and Dustin started coughin

Christmas eve we knew that things were not good- after a blessing (which of course made me emotional) we decided we would take everyone to the Dr. the next day. Merry Christmas...right?

We went in to the urgent care where we heard the synopsis.
Halle had bronchitis
Bennett had pneumonia
Miles had RSV...again (had it last winter)
And sweet Dustin had bronchitis...
(me...healthy as a horse....still never got it)

That day we had to make an "adult decision" opposed to all those non-adult decisions in life. We made the official call that we were going to cancel the ski trip that we had planned all year. So. We did just that.

Instead of driving up to Utah to go ski the powdery slopes of Snowbird, we drove south...back to Houston with meds in tow to get feeling better.

For the most part everyone is feeling better- Dustin has taken the longest time to heal but the kids are back to themselves. We have pictures of Christmas- but have yet to find the camera charger so that we can charge the battery (which died) to upload pictures.

So for now... this is all I can do...



Devin and Megan said...

Oh my goodness I am so sorry! I am glad you all are feeling well!

Rachael said...

Oh Samye, that is terrible! I'm so sorry. There are no other words except that sucks! I'm glad they are all starting to feel better.

Ali said...

I hate the feeling of being around sick children knowing exactly that it's going to wind up at your house in a day or so. That happened to us on Christmas Eve; rather than a cough, it was pink eye. I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad everyone's better!

knjfabela said...

Man, what a Christmas you had. I am glad the worst is over and the kids are back to normal. Kaiya was sick the entire Christmas break. Two ear infections, a respiratory infection, and coughing so much it made her throw up a few times. I am glad she has started to act like her normal self again as I can imagine you are about your kiddos.

Emily B said...

I'm sorry about your trip, Samye. I hope you guys can find a time to plan a make-up trip. I'm glad your kids and Dustin are feeling better.

Zach and Kate Hulet said...

When it rains it POURS! Stinkin coughs. Glad everyone is on the road to recovery. Miss you guys.

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about your trip Samye. The girls are sickly now too-fevers and all poor things. Hope things are looking up at this point!