Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I found a full waffle in my bathroom garbage this morning. I know everyone ate what little person decided to put a whole other one in the trash...because that is where you stick things when you want to come back to them? gross


We met our new pediatrician today. She is great- she specializes in asthma and we started a program with Bennett. He now has an inhaler every day that he has to do (has anyone every taught a 3 year old how to do an inhaler?? Hints?? Ideas??) Along with another inhaler for emergencies, prednisolone for emergencies-oh and while we were there we found that MIles has an ear infection. If my kids don't get better soon they will end up spending their college savings on drugs...(ironic to say...)

We are currently looking at homes- as much fun as it is to live in a shoebox of a house we are eager and excited for the homes that we have found. Gorgeous. No rush though- seeing as we are still paying the mortgage on our home in Vegas (get it RENTED!) and our rent here...ggeezzzz.

pictures...nope. Still haven't found the camera charger...I think my brother sold it on ebay. just sayin cause he would totally do something like that...(smile)

so for now, you can see what naptime looks like at our house- boys asleep, me on the computer, and the furry friend helping.



knjfabela said...

Samye, Kaiya also has an inhaler. Our pediatrician also gave me an "OptiChamber" (basically a holding chamber, with a little mask that attaches) Kaiya then takes 5 deep breaths to get all the medication in her lungs. It really works for us and is so much better than sitting with a nebulizer for what seems like forever to a 3 year old. (If you didn't get a "holding chamber" you should ask for one. It is supposed to help them learn and them one day they can take the inhaler without it.

Katie said...

Maya has an OptiChamber too and when she first started using it she hated it and would cry. But after using it several times she realized that she could breath better afterwords and then she was fine.

Emilee said...

Cute haircut!

k a t y said...

You are so beautiful, Samye! I sometimes find the kids' multivitamins tucked in odd places. At least your kids have the decency to put it in the garbage can!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually the kid who put that waffle in the trash. Miles put was carrying it around and snacking on it until he decided to put it in the shower with me the other morning. Surprise!


Hibbard Family said...

Thanks for the laugh Dustin! I've been missing you Samye. So exciting about finding a house, hopefully you'll get your LV one rented sooon!

Heather said...

Penny has an Aerochamber. It's also called a "spacer" by our doctors. It's like what the others described. If your insurance will cover it (ours didn't) you can get it from a pharmacy, otherwise you can get them on Amazon or something for like $25. It's the only way she can take her inhaled medicines! What his daily inhaler? Penny was on Flovent daily but she was getting nasty nose bleeds, dark circles under her eyes, and a deep voice (kinda sexy... but creepy in a three year old).