Thursday, March 3, 2011

Junie B. Jones

Have you heard of the Junie B. Jones books?
Halle's teacher has been reading these books to the kids...I didn't know what they were about so I decided to pick some of them up from the library. Wow. I was absolutely horrified. Bad behavior, bad grammar, even bullying (all of it uncorrected or unpunished, and even contextualized as cute). I was basically stopping on every page, and noting aloud how naughty Junie was, or how she'd used a bad word, or she wasn't using correct words, etc. I had to spend more time explaining Junie's bad actions and bad language than I did actually immersing ourselves in the story. Do I really have to explain how naughty she is being...while trying to read the story??

Of course I got online to see if I was the only one that felt this way (sometimes we feel like we are too strict...maybe this is one of those moments?) I found some info on the author, who pretty much spent the article justifying parental concerns about her books as a censorship issue, and it's anything but. I have no interest in "banning" Junie B. Jones. I simply don't think it's appropriate especially for a Kinder class.

I know that it is hard to find parents who are as strict with their kids about exposure to this or that. I know people who count themselves as normal parents who barely govern the TV, movies and music their kids take in -- and think that parents who are as strict as we are are...well thought of as party poopers.

Are we the only ones out there that are looking for a great book, for little kids (specifically girls) to get into, to enjoy, and most of all to admire/look up to?

We just started Ivy + Bean, hoping this one is a whole lot better than Junie. I don't think I can take another horrid book.



Emilee said...

Amen girl! I've never been a fan of Junie B. for that very reason! Magic Tree is house a much safer series, but not 'girl' specific- it's sweet though b/c it's a brother and sister. Keep us posted if Ive & Bean is better!

jamie t. said...

I agree 100%. I was looking for some book for anna as well and came across Junie B.
Jones and felt the same way. You are not alone. I'll have to try magic tree house. Keep us posted on what you find.

Sara said...

Sorry- i should have told you about our dislike of Junie and it would have saved you the trouble! Mara is enjoying some of the american girl books, the rainbow fairy books are great too. Magic Tree house is the best! I will let you know of others as we discover them ourselves. good luck!!

Heather said...

American Girl and Rainbow Fairy are popular here as well. Right now we are reading Beverly Cleary - just finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle and now moved on to the sequel, Ralph S. Mouse. Very clean, extremely sweet stories.

For more ideas you can go to and see what books they include with their curriculum packages. This is what we use for literature in school and we've found them always to be clean and sweet, and the kids enjoy them.

Allison said...

We are and will be strict with our children and watch what they see on tv or read (when that time comes). I don't think it's being a party pooper at all... It's being a caring parent who wants to raise sweet, polite children who are not exposed to certain things too early or at all. I haven't heard of the books you are talking about but that is concerning that they are reading something like that in a school :( Your kids are lucky to have you help them understand what is right and wrong... other parents do not even try.

Shannon said...

agreed! Junie B Jones drives me crazy! We also love the Magic Tree house books and the American Girl books.

Darin & Misty Ralphs said...

Abigail just came home with a Junie B. book as REQUIRED reading for her. Boo! Now I have to decide wether to make a stink about it or read it with her and try to explain all of the things that I am not okay with in those books. Yuck!