Monday, March 21, 2011

Bennett's Soccer

These past two months Bennett has been involved in a soccer team, and has loved it (great change from Halle's version of soccer). It was so nice and fun- a mom put it together and we met on Friday mornings. THe kids had a 30 minute practice and then a game. This past week he had his final game and did such a great job- he has loved playing soccer!

As you can see- to keep this nice and free for the moms there was just a red team and a blue team- no cost of jersey's, nada!! It was great!

As you can see he was super excited to get his soccer certificate and his "gummies". (Kid knows what he likes!)



Hibbard Family said...

I love how excited he is about soccer! So how does Halle feel about it while watching Bennett? Bring back any memories for her?! Your family pics are cute, I love the jersey idea!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I wonder if I could get something like that organized in our neighborhood? I'm glad he had such a great experience:)