Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surfside Beach~

Saturday morning we decided to head to the beach...(it is only 35 minutes away). We had so much fun and spent ALL day out at the beach! We went and grabbed a beach tent where we cross our fingers and hoped that Miles would take a nap (didn't happen) or possibly even Bennett (not a chance) but it was nice having the shade!

It took Miles all day until he felt comfortable touching the sand...and then the last hour or so he spent running as fast as he could into the water and throwing himself at the waves.

The kids loved playing in the sand, and everyone got real sandy.

By the car ride home everyone was exhausted. Miles crashed the whole way home- and Bennett was just dieing to go to bed. We bathed the kids as soon as we got home, ate dinner, then while Bennett was waiting for everyone to finish he actually fell asleep while playing with the blinds. He was running his fingers up and down the blinds (guess it was a soothing sound?) and feel backwards onto the ground!! Poor sweet kid was so so so tired. It was a blast though and we will be going back!



Emily B said...

I would love to live closer to a beach. The beach is one of my favorite places to be. I'm so glad you guys are loving Texas.