Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonnie Springs

We took the kids to Bonnie Springs ranch on Monday...boy was that a trip. They have a petting zoo, a train you can ride, a "real life melodrama" and a "hanging" all that you can witness.
First off we went to the petting zoo...all of the animals are roaming in one cage...with you. They had tons of chickens, sheep, goats, a pot belly pig, about four deer, and a bunch of other animals. Most all the signs were in spanish (interesting) and the kicker of all kickers was the sign above a deer (he just kind of sat there) that said "Please don't laugh at me I was born with a tumor on my face, but don't worry my doctor says it isn't cancerous but they had to remove it" and yes the deer had a deformed face. (tragic)

We rode the train, which was super fun...Bennett and I rode it several times, he wasn't into the melodrama like Halle was.

And Halle got to witness her first official hanging...

It was so much fun, next time we will just go to the petting zoo and ride the train.



acos said...

samye this sounds like quite the interesting trip! was the hanging not traumatizing for them?

Karina said...

That is hilarious! What did they say about the hanging? What a wacky place!

Katie said...

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time. Please take us there when we come next month.

Jennifer said...

Your kids are so cute! Looks like a fun family outing (although I'm not so sure about the hanging person).