Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nermal tv

A conversation that we just had when Halle woke up from snooze:

Halle- "mom can I watch a nermal tv show?"

Mom- "a normal tv show?"

Halle-" spanish...that is how daddy likes his tv. a kids show in spanish please"

Mom-"what about Clifford in english?"

Halle-"thats a spanish clifford...ok lets watch it."

I don't know where this all came from...but it is pretty darn cute.


Kami P. said...

I love reading dialogue's from these little ones. These are the things that make momma-hood so sweet.
Thank you for leaving that nice comment on my "memory lane" post. Yes, I do remember our first meeting at Jake and Kate. So fun. And I'm so glad we were in Omaha together a couple summers ago so that we were able to create more memories. You guys are such a neat couple. Wish we could have more time together.

Skeeter said...

So great!!! Nermal TV
Wanted to say hi! I agree on the spaghetti O's... never been a fan but Jeryn like them too. Haven't tried them out on my son yet. =)

Anne said...

Random, but cute!!!

Deya Love said...

I love that she says "what a bummer"!

The Vegas Baileys said...

She is so smart. I seriously love that girl. I have heard of TopShop in the Shopaholic books I read. I want to check it out.