Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home Birthday party

This was Bennett's family birthday party- as you can see he is totally stoked!

Halle is just thrilled to be here...we had to have a talk with her about the fact that this is Bennett's party- so he needs to open his presents. That is when the excitement really got going.

He wasn't excited at all for the birthday cake. It was sticky...and it was a bread product. (He is a meat lover)!

Opening presents- he really got the hang of it and started tearing the paper off. Halle was a little dissapointed that she couldn't help.

Bennett loved all of his presents!


Anne said...

The kids are getting older faster than I can handle.

Matt and Brooklyn said...

Very cute! He's such an adorable boy. I'm just starting to think about planning Cai's first birthday party...I can't wait!