Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of those days

You know when you wake up in the morning thinking that it is going to be a great day? And then...your daughter has an explosion at the grocery store (ok... i can deal with this), your son CHEWS on your wood kitchen table leaving a tooth mark (no i don't think he is missing out on some type of vitamin), your daughter falls on the tile floor and forgets to put her hands out to catch herself so now she has a goose egg on her forehead AND to add to all of that your babysitter cancels at 2:30 to say she can't babysit because she has other plans that she forgot about?? (yes let us all let a huge sigh out because at least the kids are napping right now) BUT COME ON-blah... so now I have to go hunting for another babysitter...blah.

I think I might take the kids bike riding after snooze, because AT LEAST it is 65 degrees outside today- it could be a lot worse...i could live where it is 15 degrees outside and snowing.



The Vegas Baileys said...

That is why I love you Samye. You're not afraid to post that you get frustrated. It drives me crazy when moms say they have "perfect" lives and perfect kids. Thanks for keeping it real. I hope, I hope you found a babysitter.

Denise Stears said...

I hear you! It's like that all the time. You are lucky that you can go outside and play. We are stuck inside with snow and 15 degree weather. Yea winter sucks!

Katie said...

That sounds like a sad day. You are very lucky that it's 65 degrees though. It's 40 degrees here and that feels warm to us. We miss you!

Jessica said...

It's always nice to hear that other people struggle at times too! :) I really wish we could go on a bike ride...I've toyed with the idea even though it is 30 degrees outside. Sounds crazy I guess, but our roads are clear...:)