Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Day

It was an exciting day at church today...although we did start our yearly duty of having church at 1pm (gggrrrr) We did have some exciting changes occur also- Halle went to her first day of "Sunbeams"...this is the big kid class she is no longer in nursery..sniff sniff AND because I am in the primary (where the kids are) and Dustin teaches Sunday school they let Bennett go to Nursery!! (Usually they wait until they are 18 months old) and I can't tell you the feelings I had when I watched my tubby man sit there and enjoy snacks with the rest of the dudes in his class. Did tears well up in my boy did I want them to.

On another note is anyone else hitting the "my house now feels really empty because I no longer have Christmas decor up?" Boy... I feel like we are living in a museum...empty and kind of echos when someone is screaming (yes that does happen with two kids). So now I am in desperate need of some decor ideas for blank walls....there are a couple of sites that I absolutly adore
Like her pass all the Christmas stuff and check out her decor... or how about her . I know... I have a lot of sites that I love to follow... I mean have you seen her stuff lately?? Or how about this ? I know... I could go on and on and on... anyone have any ideas to share?? I know a bunch of you have recently moved into newer homes so maybe we are in the same boat? If anything I know I am going to hit up the new HomeGoods store opening up down the street and Kirklands very soon. Any other ideas? Do please share!


The Roberts' Report said...

Check out "first monday trade days" in Canton next time you come out to Texas!! TONS of good stuff for cheap there!!

Emilee said...

Change was treating you right yesterday! I loved those decorator blogs... I noticed a theme of birds. You must like birds! Home Goods & Kirklands are 2 of my favorites... can't wait to have Home Goods in our neighborhood!

Hibbard Happenings said...

I agree with you 100%, my house feels so empty and cold with the Christmas stuff gone. And - where is the homegoods opening? What a GREAT place to shop!

CarrieAnne said...

I just told Kjetil how our house looks so empty now. I miss the Christmas tree but I decided to leave up some of the other small trees and snowflakes. It is helping with the loss I feel for my Christmas decor!