Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was a blur, and due to a recent vacation it has taken awhile to get posted. We missed seeing family on Christmas this year but enjoyed staying home and getting ready for Santa to come.
Bennett got his first pickup truck (yes...we are originally from Texas) and he LOVES it. He has even figured out that you can sit in the bed of it while sister drives it around (dangerous...yes).

One of Halle's favorite gifts was the princess shoes...she even received matching blisters from wearing them too much. She wears them around the house all day, so I know when she is coming because I hear the "clunk clunk clunk" sound they make...occasionally followed by Bennett trying to wear them too.

We had such a great Christmas!! The new toys are great, the kids love to play in their rooms with all the new toys and I love it! We also got to enjoy skiing with my family up in Utah...and due to lapse of good judgement all pictures are with my parents-SO as soon as I get them I will share pictures of us skiing..and of Halle skiing (she did GREAT!) and all the other fun things that we did.


Emily said...

Missed seeing you on Christmas Eve, but sounds like you had fun. I'm jealous of the skiing~it's been YEARS (prekids) for me!