Monday, January 26, 2009

Date Night

We went out for our friend Jon's birthday on Saturday night and had a blast! We started out with dinner at P.F Changs (so delish) and then went over to Hooters (yes it was my first time in there...and they really weren't as scantily clad as what I thought they would be) anyway we went and saw "The Mentalist". It was a great show! He could supposidly "feel" things from your brain-and I thought he was full of it until he said:
"Is there a Samye out there?"
"Are you thinking about your dog Samye?"
-well no, I don't have one....
"What about your childhood dog buddy samye?"
-oh my gosh!

Yeah, somehow he totally knew all about my childhood dog... crazy right? He was good, and I would go see it again if given the chance!

Thanks Bailey's for the fun night!!!



Ali said...

What the... how did he know that?

Katherine and Brad said...

what! that is crazy. creepy. but kinda cool.

Bree said...

Fun! You guys are so cute! And I must say I am more surprised by the thought of you two at HOOTERS than the fact that the guy said that stuff about you!! haha!! Glad you had a great night out! :)

The Vegas Baileys said...

We are so glad you guys went with us. We had so much fun.

Emily B said...

That's crazy. That would freak me out a little bit. I'm glad you guys had a fun time.