Sunday, August 17, 2008

To do or not to do??

The debate is on. I have been wanting (for some time) to do a triathlon and finally since I don't have a baby (well really little baby) I have the opportunity to do one! There is one coming up on Saturday, October 18th 2008. It seems like a nice distance with a .75k swim, a 20k bike and a 5k run. It seems doable right? The only thing that I am caught up on is all the rules they are stating on their website...all the things that you must do. Here are some of them:
1. This is a point to point race. October 17th, at packet pick up, we will have a MANDATORY run gear bag drop off for T2. All of your gear that you want waiting for you at T2 (bike to run) MUST be dropped off with us at this time. We will provide you your gear bag inside your race bag kit. If you do not bring this on Friday, we WILL NOT guarantee that your gear will be waiting for you at T2. YOU MUST BRING YOUR RUN GEAR ON FRIDAY.
2. You will be responsible for packing all your own swim gear in your swim gear bag that we provide. We will be bringing this up to T2 for you. You will NOT have to come back down to the lake to get your belongings. Please do not bring a ton of "extra" stuff down to the lake for volunteers to load. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SWIM GEAR TO A SPECTATOR TO PACK AND/OR BRING TO THE FINISH. This could result in a time penalty by USAT officials for outside assistance.
And then they have timing mats...I have done some running but I have never had these! I mean not like I will be running to win by any means but the last thing I would want is to be DQ in the very beginig (that would be a real bummer). They say "Electronic timing for this event is AMB Timing. There will be timing mats at ALL bike and run turnarounds! PLEASE BE SURE YOU GO OVER THE TIMING MATS AT YOUR TURNAROUND! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN NO TIME and may confirm course cutting, resulting in a DQ. On the bike course these mats will be in the bike lane at the turn‐around point.

And THEN there comes the expense of begingin traithlons- I will need an outfit, helmet, bike, and the registeration fee for this race is $95! Maybe I have chosen the wrong sport to get into?

That being said I need help deciding if I am going to do this. If I do training will start relatively soon and I will just ask for gear etc for my birthday... what to do what to do...any ideas??


Jane said...

You should do it! How fun! I wish I could join you-- maybe some time in the future. I have a road bike you could borrow for training and the race if you would like (and helmet and gloves etc.) I'm not using it at the moment, and won't be for a few more months. Good luck!

Catherine said...

I ma so impressed! I've never thought to do a triathlon, but I am sure it would be fun. I hope you get the chance to do it sometime - whether it's this race or a different one. Good Luck!

Amy said...

Go for it! Don't be too intimidated by the rules...all USAT tris are like that. The volunteers will help you figure it all out.
Too bad we don't live close, you could just borrow my bike!

Emilee said...

Do it!!! If you don't do it now- while you only have 2 & no one is nursing, & you're not pregnant... you'll always wish that you had! It's a perfect time, October is perfect weather. I think the atmosphere at triathlons is so exciting & contagious- you'll never be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Samye! That sounds like a great first race difficult but not impossible! I hope you blog your training experience and race day as I would love to take on that challenge someday and it would be nice to see what I would be getting into :) So I guess my support has a hidden selfish agenda :(


Anonymous said...

You should go for it! Do it while you can. The jargon may sound a little overwhelming, but once you get there it will all make sense.
I had the same feelings when I did my first 1/2 marathon.
BTW, Dan is doing a similar triathlon this month. Give him a buzz and he could probably help you out a ton.
Good Luck!

The Perkes Family said...

Amen to the tri- athalon fever. I am training for another marathon, but Jake and I are actually getting into the sprint triathalons! My sister in-law here in Omaha has already done two of them. They are a 500 meter swim, 10 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run! Only problem is we dont have bikes, but there are lots of great deals right now cause its the end of the season. So I say go for it!! Even if you could just borrow a bike. It was so fun to watch her do them, and the transistion was super confusing on paper, but made total sence once we got there. Just have your station completely organized. We have had so much fun swimming and running. We are hoping to do one in October as well, after my marathon. You could totally do it!


Bingham Family said...


Allison, Ben, and Eliza said...

Good luck if you choose to do it! It would be a hard decision... but you can always use the bike and gear at a later time so it would not be money wasted - and it will feel so good to accomplish! Especially after having two kids - I envy you and hope I am able to get into as good of shape after our little guy is born :)

Morgan said...

I would say skip the triathlon and try doing a 5 or a 10k first. But that's just me. I think it would be awesome to do that at some point but myself I would like to get a couple other races under my belt first. Triathlons are a little intimidating to me. I would rather do a 1/2 marathon than a tri. But I am a terrible swimmer.

Emily said...

Now's the time to do it--if you really want to. I've run several races with a timing mat--very simple, no need to worry. Good luck if you decide to go for it! (Is it still really hot there, then?)

Emily B said...

Do it, Samye. You're only young for a little while.