Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Word!

Bennett said his first word today...well besides the occasional "mamma", "dadda" or "ball" (but ball really isn't very clear). I figured his first word would be something interesting seeing as Halle's first word was "duck". Well it was out of the blue to me, we were sitting there when I asked him if he wanted more juice, he said "juice". Then continued to repeat it up until I got Dustin on the phone to hear it and then he stopped. But hey- we got a word! He turns 1 next week...amazing how fast time flies by!!


Allison, Ben, and Eliza said...

I can't believe he is almost one! Cute first word :)

Hannah said...

What a smart boy!!! Carson doesn't really talk yet and he is 14 months old!

Ali Flegal said...

I'm feeling immense guilt for not being 100% sure what Eliza's first word was... I want to say that it was "ball" oh man.

Anyway, that's exciting. Somewhat disappointing when you collect an audience, they stop saying or doing what you want - but still! He said "juice"... I can't believe he is almost one. Wow, wow, wow!