Friday, June 3, 2011

Most Annoying Store...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe I have found the most annoying store to shop at. Please please tell me if you could beat this...because I would love to hear. 

Here is how it went:
me- walking in with a pair of jeans to return
Joe (we will just call him/her that)- "Hi, do you have an exchange that needs to be made today?
me- "Actually I need to return these and get my money back"
Joe- "May I ask why the need to return these?"
me- "sure, I washed them once and they shrank about 2 inches in husband is 6'5 so they really don't fit now! " chuckle here... me to them...
Joe- "Ok well how about I get you the same jean just in a longer length" runs away to the other side of the store to get the other pair
me- while she runs off "oh no don't worry about it"
Joe- "Here- these would be perfect...they are longer AND it is the same jean!" 
me- "Thanks, but really I don't want another pair. My husband just ordered some longer darker ones online"
Joe- "oh well here are our darker jeans too, I Am sure these would fit perfeeeect!" 
Me- little bit frustrated at this point "thanks, but no I think we are just going to go with the jeans he ordered"
Joe- "why don't you just take these home so that he can try them on...and then you could have these too!"
Me- "No... I think I just want to return these jeans."
Joe- "well if you must return them... (about 20 sec pause) How about I give you my card, with all of his jeans that he likes so that you can call ahead next time and we can do personal shopping for you"
Me- "I am not sure we will be coming back anytime soon just because my husband just loaded up on jeans, he wears slacks to work so he won't really need any more"
Joe- " is my card. It has all of his info, with the jeans on it that he likes.. call me and I will get you all set up!" 
Me- "fine" 

GGEEEEZZZ that is, seriously word for word our conversation. Any guesses on the store? It was...drumroll please..... 

The Buckle

I told Dustin he was NEVER EVER allowed to buy a pair of clothing from that store, ever again. 



Brianna said...

AHHHHH I have a love-hate relationship with the stupid Buckle! I LOVE their jeans, in fact, they have the best price and fit for me (long legged like D!) However, they are freaking vultures and I HATE going there. They really don't want to let you leave. I'm sorry you had such a ridiculous experience. I guessed the store when I read your title. They are out of control.

Emily said...

I knew when I was half way through that post that it was The Buckle. I HATE that store and the sales people who bombard you when you walk in.

So annoying.

Cutest picture of the graduate in her cap and gown!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Samye,

Thank you for your comments concerning our Aurora, IL store. It is very important for us to get feedback from our guests.

We apologize for you not having a positive experience. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to all of our guests, and are disappointed to hear that a guest was not greeted promptly or helped courteously. We are sharing your comments with the District Manager, who will follow up with our Store Manager. When you return to the mall, ask for the store manager. They will do her best to provide the high level of service Buckle customers have come to expect.

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate your business and want the chance to earn it back.

Customer Service