Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to make homemade jam.

I make homemade jam. Does it sound like I am admitting to something...yes I make jam and it is so much easier than it seems. Just the other day I was needing to make some so I figured I would stop by my local grocery store to pick up some Sure-Jell... it took me 4 grocery stores, and 2 mangers telling me that "that just isn't something people do anymore, sorry" to find some! serious! So I decided I had to give out instructions on how to do make some- that way you can see how easy it is and make some!
1. You need to pick up some Sure-Jell from your local store (good luck). I prefer the pink box, it is lower sugar than the yellow box. While at the store (If you want to make strawberry) you need to pick up strawberries (4 cups worth),sugar, and canning jars (they sell super cute plastic ones in the canning section too...I think they are made by Ball). 
2. If you open up the Sure Jell box they have instructions that you can follow, like other fruits etc. I follow the no-cook jam recipes (found on the back). I usually use frozen strawberries because they are cheaper than fresh... so it entirely depends on what season you are making jam. You need to measure out 4 cups of strawberries, then crush that there aren't huge chunks. Mine looks like this...

see you really can't see chunks in there.

3. Then you follow the directions- mix the sugar with the sure jell in the pan, add the water and boil for 1 minute. DON'T rush has to boil for 1 minute. (other wise your jam will NOT look good...or set... or taste good...then you will be really upset with yourself!)
4. Add the jam to the pectin mix once you have followed directions..and once again stir for 1 WHOLE minute.
5. Pour into jars, and wahlah
That is how much I get from one SureJell pack... which will last us about two months.

Good luck



Rachael said...

Ok you really are a super woman! :) I love homemade jam and you have inspired me to make some. It really does look pretty simple. Do you just store it in the freezer?

Jessica said...

Love homemade jam, so much better than store bought! I've been making it since I got married...look for coupons this summer and stock up on sure jell. I've got 4 boxes in my pantry from last summer.:-)

Connie said...

Great demo..... too bad 3 jars will only last your brother 1 week!!!! Hahaha!

Katie said...

I had no idea it was so easy. I think I might try it.

Sara & Jess Phillips said...

Thanks for the demo, I was getting ready to plant a little strawberry patch and hoped to figure out how to make jam later this fall when I had some berries!

Stacy said...

So we are so much a like!! I made jam when we first moved here! I looked ALL over for the low/no sugar kind of pectin. I could only find the tiny packets of Ball pectin ( I normally use Sure Jell). You will have to tell me where you found the sure jell kind. I tried to make it with Agave didn't set up like my jam normailly does with sugar. I don't know if it was the different pectin I used, or the agave....probably both!

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