Sunday, June 5, 2011

4 of 100 Things to do in Houston

We went to the Houston Aquarium this past week. Not only is this an aquarium, but they also have rides! We had the privilege of having Poppa with us too! 

We rode the carousel first thing (it was starting to warm up pretty fast).

We enjoyed a couple of their other rides, then headed inside to check out the fish.
And pet some sharks!
My review? Surprisingly enough I would not recommend checking it out. It was nice, and it was fun- but for the whopping price we paid I would be just as happy taking my kids over to Bass Pro to look at the fish. (Speaking of, do you know that Las Vegas has one of the biggest Bass Pro's in the is worth stopping and walking around if you ever go). The carnival rides were fun, but seeing that they opened at 10am (of course we were there at that time, right when they opened) and none of the workers were even out running rides until 10:30...not happy little camper kiddos! 



Karina said...

We went there a few years ago right after it opened and thought the exact same thing! Had to try it, though!

Bree said...

I wasn't super impressed with it either...but of course the girls were! ;) Did you also wonder about the random tiger?? haha. Makes me miss living in Houston though--it would've been great to have been there at the same time!! :)

Kids Activity Queen said...

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