Monday, November 5, 2007


So It has been a while since I have written anything... I know...but things have been a bit hectic. Dustin was in Chicago for the weekend and the rest of us caught colds while he was gone!! (miserable!) But things are getting better!!

And before I really start, I wanted to write a little side note to all of you who might read this. This blog is like a journal to me, I get to write my daily happenings...which comes from me personally. I think it shows my style when you look at my writing and realize that I can't use just one exclamation point...and my spelling...not my best feature either. Oh wait (you might say) aren't you a graduated English major?? Why yes I am...I was only required to take one grammer class and I hated it...I hated it so much that I took my professor cookies every week. (Yes I passed...due I think to my baking). I don't use correct grammer, and I never use the spell check. SO- for those of you wondering about my English skills- they are all focused on reading. I am a READER. I love to read...for example (thanks to all of you who recomended it) I just read the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer in 1 Day. Did I neglect the children? No, I read the entire 500 pg book during nap time and then at night. So, please don't critisize my ability to write...just enjoy the fact that I can actually spell well enough for you to understand what we did.

NOW on to something that Emily has asked me to do- and that is 10 things that I am thankful for.

1. My husband- for the love and support he gives to me.. For the never ending strength he shows as he continues to go to school and provide for his family.

2. My Children- yes crazy I am saying children. I am thankful for the lessons they teach me and the never ending love they express.

3. Family- for the love and support they give to us while we are here in Indiana. I know they hate the fact that we are so far away but they are still so proud for what we are doing. For their love and support even though they know that we will probably never end up really close to home.

4. The gospel- I find so much strength and comfort in my religion. I believe and know that one day I will be given the opportunity to hug my brother and tell him how much I truly do love him. How even though we fought like cats and dogs...well no more like wild carniverous bears..that I always loved him for him.

5. Strength- I am amazed at the strength I have been given. That i might have the ability to walk around on a day to day basis with no problems. That through all the midnight feedings I still can think somewhat logically daily.

6. FInances- My husband had the ability to land at the #1 institution for his degree...and while doing that landed an assitantship that pays 100% of his tuition, health insurance, and gives us a monthly stipend to live off of. We will graduate from this Masters program with zero debt.

7. Friends- I am so grateful for all the friends that I have made throughout this life...the ability that we have to stay in touch for years and years. For the willingness that friends show to help and their ability to be that friend that you have always searched for.

8. Beauty- for the earth around us. Right now in Indiana the leaves are changing colors (something you never see in Texas) and with the change that is going on it just makes you more thankful for the beauty that surrouds you on a daily basis.

9. I am sure there are so many other things that I am thankful for...yet I just can't recall what they would be!

I ask these people to tell me those things they are thankful for: Marissa, Ali, Jamie, Shannon, and Deya.


ads said...

i can sympathize - we had colds for 2 weeks! i swear it happens every halloween! have you been going to any playgroups lately?? Yes, we need to get together - when is good for you? Cute halloween pics by the way!

Deya Love said...

I promise to do this, but I'm saving it for Thanksgiving. :) Love the idea by the way!

The Perkes Family said...

So glad that you mentioned that you read "twilight" I am about to embark on reading it as well. My litte bro has been begging me to read it. I have heard great things. There are three of them in the series so far. Have you read "I am a Mother." by Jane Clayson Johnson. It is the best book, you can get it from deseret. I think youll love it. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

The Twilight Series is awesome!! I finished the final book a few weeks ago. I know what you mean about the English major thing...I don't always use correct grammar and english and all that, even though I know better. Oh well!