Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing soccer

We already have a athlete in the making. Last night we were playing soccer as a family...and yes in the house!

Bennett was giggling and laughing the whole time. And Halle just loved that she was able to play ball with him!

And of course a picture of my two men...I love them!!


Morgan said...

Hey Samye! I found your blog just the other day! I was going to leave you comment today but looks like you beat me to it! Your family is so adorable! How old is your daughter? You must have just recently had your son in the last few months? I really like the short hair on you too! The last time I saw you, you had long hair. Well, here is my address:

617 Countryside Ave.
Rexburg, Idaho 83440

I would like your address, so we can send a Christmas card your way!

Ali Flegal said...

good grief, dustin has really white teeth! that is impressive. what a cute father/son photo.

Anonymous said...

Adorable...I can't wait to smoosh my two little grandkids....!

Grammy :)