Thursday, October 18, 2007


Thank you Deya...once again tagged, but a different one! Facts and habits...lets see...

1. I am extremly double jointed...well I used to be really bad but now it is not a big deal.

2. I have a family name, my first name Samye comes from my great-grandma and my middle name from my grandma. Both who were amazing women and I would love to be end up like.

3. The toilet paper in our home has to roll over the roll...and if I am anywhere (anyones home) I will fix the toilet paper for them. It drives me bonkers.

4. I pick. Yep, I am an addicted picker. I pick the skin around my fingers commonly known as the cuticles like crazy. It is a horrid habit and Dustin hates it...and I actually don't even realize that I do it until the deed has been done. I do it more when I am stressed...weird i know.

5.I am a morning person. I love the is harder with a 6 week old to really enjoy the mornings but I do love them. I love everything about mornings...especially breakfast.

6. Last but not least ( I am pulling deep here) I threw the shotput in highschool. Yes...every girl that I ever competed with outweighed me by a good 100lbs, but it was fun to do...and hey I developed some pretty muscles too!!


Allison, Ben, and Eliza said...

I remember your joints! haha! Oh and the toilet paper thing - me too!

I have met some great moms in my playgroup! I'm really good friends with several of them now... I just need to talk my husband into getting to know their husbands and it would be fun to do something as couples. I'm still working on it... And thanks for the compliment :)

Deya Love said...

Love it! I also am a freak about the toilet paper thingy. It's just illogical to end up against the wall. It needs to come over the top. Is that not normal?!?!