Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a day!

What a fun day today! We started it off at gymnastics (which Halle loved)! I still am not too happy about paying for Halle to run around the gym crazily with no instruction whatsoever.
Then hurried over to cheer for friends that were running the IU mini marathon Bob and found that Lisa Esplin was running too!! It was such an inspiration to see all of those people running...maybe one day I will complete one too! (Yes, I was registered for one in about a month, but due to ALOT of family coming in town for Dustin's graduation we decided to postpone running so that we could spend time with them.

We then started watching conference (which for those of you who don't know is when the leaders of our church address us on both Saturday and Sunday twice a year via a conference in Salt Lake City...we watch it on the internet). ANYWAY we were watching it when all of a sudden a name was said that sounded familiar, and my Uncle was just called to the second quarm (sp?) of the 70! James Martino, (how exciting Kim, Emily, Karina, Lauren and Ben!!!) So that was super exciting!

And am ending the day watching the movie Enchanted while Dustin is at a meeting (and am LOVING it so far). Hope everyone had a great day too!!


Joey and Kara Fabela said...

I don't know if I missed it but where are y'all moving to?

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy reading your blog Samye!

Rich, Lauren, Nate and Tanner said...

Thanks Samye! We're excited for him. Last night at the family dinner your Dad was VERY sad to have his grandkids gone. Any chance you're moving here? I am so bummed we missed seeing you during your visit!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a good weekend. I loved Conference. And I love the movie Enchanted! I'll be seeing ya'll in just a short time from now....!

Da Woman said...

Samye! I just returned from our little vacation and enjoyed your comment on my blog. We are staying in Ghana until July 10th. What are your plans and I'm here to answer any questions you have! Love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your cute kids!!!