Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today marks the big 28 for Dustin, and even though he won't have the opportunity to celebrate with me and the kids (due to being in Vegas and then the blasted club night) I wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am that he came into this world when he did!!

Here are 28 wonderful things about my husband that I love:
1. He loves me for me

2. He loves spending quality time with the kids, and yearns for each extra second.
3. He is a hard worker and will give his all.
4. He is a worthy priesthood holder
5. He loves his parents

6. He takes out the trash for me
7. He is so darn handsome

8. When we go on trips he drives through the night...all night. (He says so I can sleep but maybe he is scared of my driving?)
9. He is diligent about studying the scriptures

10. He has an undying appetite for whatever I might make (remember those vinegar pancakes?)
11. He is supportive in all the things and projects that I want to do.
12. He paints my toes when I am pregnant
13. Then he pays for me to get a pedicure when I am pregnant :)

14. He is a champ helping out with the newborn stuff
15. He has the ability to make REALLY good guy friends, the kind that we will have forever (and I always love their wives too)
16. He loves all the different hairstyles I go through, and encourages me to continue
17. He strives for more education

18. He makes me dinner when I don't want to cook
19. He is eager to watch the kids if I need to do something
20. He loves spending time with us
21. He is humble (didn't give any of us a birthday list, because he didn't want anything)
22. He loves my family...all of them (and there are a lot of extended family members that come with the package)

23. He is head over heals in love with me, and lets everyone know
24. He always cleans up the dinner dishes, and if he can will help me cook
25. He is a clean freak
26. He is wise with money (investing etc)
27. He makes me become a better person


28. Because he is my knight in shining armor

I LOVE YOU an amazingly great day!!


Anonymous said...

Cheers to the cutest couple I've ever known!!! You two are so perfect for each other, it's insane. Happy birthday D! :)

Megan Ferguson Roberts said...

So cute! Sorry y'all aren't together! The blasted night club! Anyways have a great one!

Bree said...

Happy Birthday Dustin!!! Cute post Samye, it was fun looking at the made me remember fun times we've had with you guys!! :)