Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

On our last day Grammy took us to Chuck. E Cheese...and it wasn't crowded!! (amen) Halle loved riding the horse...I think she rode it 10 times... at least?

Bennett was being a super cute ham the whole time- he did NOT like the mouse though.

And here is Halle posing with her Aunts! She wanted to be on her knees just like her Aunt Natalie!


Anne said...

It looks like the trip was an overall, fun success! I'm just sad I wasn't there to see ya'll... :(

Ola said...

Wow, you had an amzing time, looks like... :)

Joey and Kara Fabela said...

Kaiya has that same shirt. (Old Navy right. The big it.) and the shoes. (gotta love the Childrens Place.