Monday, April 28, 2008

Teething and an Ear Infection

Sounds like a fun house right?? Let me tell you, we are having a BLAST (sarcasm intended)!! Bennett (cute Mr. Chubs) is working on his top chompers and they are oh so close to being here...hopefully by this weekend they will have made their long awaited arrival. Even though he is in pain he is still (for the most part) super happy.

As far as the ear infection, well Halle started having allergy issues and with that I know comes ear infection (at least for her)! And how do we know when she has an ear infection...does she do any of the signs that you read about- you know; pulling on the ears, etc.... no she just gets plain mean. So- needless to say we had a fun weekend of ibuprofen, clariton, and antibiotics. Hopefully everything will be better because Dustin is graduating THIS WEEKEND!! YYIIPPEEEE!! All of our parents and my sister-in-law Anne is coming up to celebrate!! (can you tell I am excited??)

Hopefully everyone else's kids are doing much better than ours.


Hilary said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you are going through all of that! We are dealing with teething in our home as well... so not fun! I am so excited for you guys with Dustin's graduation coming up! That is SO great!!!

Anne said...

Oh man! That's tough stuff. That's funny that Bennett is still pretty happy...he's a happy baby! Can't wait to see you either! (3 days?!?!?!)

Jess & Sara Phillips said...

That's so great that Dustin is graduating. It's a huge relief when that day comes.

Allison, Ben, and Eliza said...

Yucky to teething and ear infections... it's no fun when your kiddos are sick :( Congrats to Dustin on his upcoming graduation! I know that is exciting and you guys can start the next part of your life!