Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Trip to Florida- part 1

First off- I have to say that we just had the most wonderful vacation to Florida!! We were a little nervous due to Halle throwing up the day before we were suppose to leave, but it was just something that she ate. (Yes, I got to expierence the wonderful world of your child throwing up in the middle of church). ANYWAY- we ended up taking off a little later on Monday and drove to Destin Florida. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! We stayed Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday in Destin playing on the beach.

 Miles never liked the beach. He would rather sleep in the beach tent that we have.

 We walked around a downtown area later that  night-

 Ate dinner then went out to walk on the beach- so beautiful!!
 These next two are my favorite pictures-
 See that bump...yep this babe is growing. There is my 18 week bump, and no we still don't know what we are having. Our insurance makes us wait until 20 weeks.
 Enjoying some family time in bed watching cartoons- I talked the front desk into upgrading us to a two bedroom suite WITH kitchen.



Bree said...

FUN trip!!! I have some Houston friends who go to Destin every year. We can't wait to take the girls to Disneyland--I haven't been either!! Glad you had such a fun vacation!!