Monday, September 12, 2011

Florida part 3-Most magical place

Thursday we hit up the most magical place on earth... and it was fantastic. The best part was that we didn't pay full price (makes you enjoy it that much more). I will give a $$ breakdown later. We were right on time to get to the park early before anything opened... until our tram broke down RIGHT outside the park. We sat there for 30 minutes while they figured out how to get it working again. The one big benefit is that we got a fastpass that we could use at any ride we wanted.  
Here are the kids at the entrance to the park
 I got each of the kids notebooks before hand for autographs. They loved running up to characters and getting them to sign their books- even Miles loved it!!
 Sorry it is sideways- here is Dad and Halle meeting Chip'n'Dale- we were actually on a different ride when they got this picture.
 Peter Pan loved it!!
 And of course we watched the parade.
 Bennett got a nice big hug from Donald- and couldn't stop talking about it!
 Sideways again- but here are the girls in front of the castle.

Overall it was a fantastic day. We got there at about 9:30am (After the delay) and walked onto every single ride all day long. We only had to use our special fastpass 3 times, and only on the 3rd time did he take it away. By 4 in the afternoon we had gotten on every ride, and even let the kids ride their favorites again! It was SO worth pulling Halle out of school to go, to be able to walk onto everything...worth it. I hear in the summer you wait in lines for hours upon hours.