Monday, September 5, 2011

6 of 100 Things to do In Houston

My parents came in town this past weekend to help celebrate Bennett's birthday. We started off by going to the Butterfly museum downtown. Usually it is about $7 per child and $8 per adult. I got a groupon the week before for 4 people to get into the museum for $14 (mom, dad, sis and one of our kids) and since Dustin, Bennett and I have Rice ID's we got in for FREE. Worth every penny to visit. 
 You go to learn all about bugs-
 Look through a microscope at different types of things.
 And of course this little guy was just along for the ride...not really sure about anything.
 At the end of the tour they have a kids section the kids can play in- here the kids are in their own beehive. We thought about leaving them up there...but decided they would probably want to come home...eventually.
 They have puzzles-
 And stories that you can read. Miles is our little/big reader. He loves to read books.
 And Bennett realized that you could get a good amount of air while jumping off tall ledges.

Overall is was a wonderful museum- knowing that we get in for free we will have to go visit more often!! These Rice ID's are coming in handy!