Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sharing the Crazies

As the Christmas season approaches, and budget strings are tight after moving across the country I have been debating on making holiday cards. I actually read an article in a money magazine that says Christmas cards are one "old tradition" where it is ok to start doing email cards. I figured that is what we would be doing, but after hearing about the promotion that Shutterfly is doing I think we might resort to a more traditional card and SEND them! Who doesn't love seeing how families have grown and changed over the year??

I think I'm going to have a hard time choosing a Christmas card this year, because I LOVE so many of their designs (and they have an unbelievable amount to choose from!! Not only can you do their Holiday cards, but you can also do photo cards!

So, after uploading ALL those family photos I figure also why not make something out of those... like a calendar? That would be a fun present for D... to hang in his new office. (because we all know that all those photos taken about 95% of them are HILARIOUS! So why not remember that time we spent trying to get all three children to look at the camera, make sure everyone is smiling (for the most part), and no one has crazy hair. Or you could just upload fun pics from the previous year to make a calendar... then put them on the calendar for grandparents...because up until now we have lived AT LEAST 18+ hours drive away...and they were never there to see the kids grow and change!! Geez.... I need to get started asap on this project!!!!

WAnt in on this deal?? Go HERE



Karina said...

Sounds like things are going great with your new move! Yay! So what's your new address? Feel free to email it to me or leave it on my blog.

Kapri said...

I can't believe Miles is 1! I feel like I was just reading about how you were pregnant Samye! Hope you're doing well with the move and love being back in Texas!

Hannah said...

I need to get going on my Christmas cards as well! Your family is so darling, Samye!!

kim said...

Welcome back to TX! Can I get your new address?