Monday, December 6, 2010

Florida Trip

Trying to catch up-

Last month Dustin had a conference in Orlando so we thought it would be fun if I tagged along! My mom flew into Vegas and we literaly handed her the keys at the airport, told her how much we loved her and took off!! IT was so much fun and so refreshing to have that alone time!! Especially at the most wonderful place on earth (ever been without kids?? I highly suggest it!!)

Here we are at the begining of one of our days- sadly it was the coldest in Orlando that it had been all year. OF COURSE we only packed one pair of jeans...

Because we had anniversary pins on (thanks Deya for the recommend) they pulled us off the street right before the parade started and put us in private seating where we got to meet EVERY disney character imaginable!! (I was so giddy)

Jafar was kissing my hand...creepy and ironic (I was Jafar in a family musical...)

Here Ariel was hitting on Dustin... don't blame her.

IT was such a fantastic trip- and we had so much fun just the two of us! It was nice to relax because we knew that as soon as we got back to Vegas we would have a little over a week to get our entire home packed and moved.