Friday, December 10, 2010

Friends with giveaways!

When I was pregnant with Halle my husband had just started a new job in Dallas, I had a few friends and I consider this next delightful woman one of those. Katy is fantastic! We no longer live close, but I love that I am able to keep in touch with her via the blog world.

The best part is she is doing a giveaway right now on her blog...for a $100 giftcard to gap!! (SERIOUS!!) Check it out, and while there make sure you check out all the crafties that Katy will be jealous.



Ola said...

Hey girl... It's been a LONG time.... I'm glad you're doing so well and that ur in Houston... U'll like it though I honestly think you should go for Austin NEXT -- you're a PRO in moving so there might be a chance... :)
I live in Austin now but whenever I'm in Houston Ill let you know... And vice versa when ur in Austin just let me know... :)