Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reason 578 Why I LOVE our pediatrician.

It is always hard moving, it really doesn't matter how far you go-always hard. One of those hard things has been leaving our pediatrician. Anyone that has kids can understand this one- once you find one that you like/love it is always hard finding another one that you appreciate as much. We moved away from Vegas right before Thanksgiving and really haven't needed to find another pediatrician so we haven't been to see the new one we "claimed" on our new insurance. This week we headed up North to visit family during the holiday and lo and behold I forgot Bennett's nebulizer. And OF COURSE he started having some major asthma issues last night. Of Course. I called our old pediatrician from Vegas last night and they gave me some over the counter stuff to try. This morning at 7:30 am their time the nurse called back to check on Ben. I told her he wasn't doing too hot so SHE worked our new insurance to get us a new nebulizer delivered to my mother-in-laws home, she got some new meds called in to our local CVS (mind you it sounds a lot easier...all the red tape that had to be crossed) but yes, once again our pediatrician came through. I love them. And if you have never loved your pediatrician before...it might be time to switch to one who you can appreciate!



Heather said...

That's awesome. We loved our pedi in Bloomington so much we kept driving up for checkups for six months after we moved. It's so nice when you find one who you love.

Hibbard Family said...

I would be so sad to leave that office! I'm glad they took care of you guys :)