Monday, December 6, 2010

Miles 1st Birthday

Miles turned one on November 16th, 3 days before we moved. He is such a sweet easy baby and LOVES his siblings so much.

For his birthday dinner, of course we had macaroni, chicken nuggets, (and some healthy stuff for D and I)

I show this picture in shame...yes, this is a store bought cake. (shame shame shame) with 3 days till we were moving most all of our kitchen stuff was already packed. I will def. have to make up for this next year!!

Miles loved the cake- loved the frosting, and even more loved all the attention he was getting.

At one year- Miles is doing fantastic!
He weighs in at 26 lbs
Wears 24 month clothing on most clothes
Signs all done and more
Gives kisses and hugs willingly
Sleeps through the night and takes two naps during the day.
Can walk along the furniture and stand.

We are so thankful that Miles joined our family...such a sweet blessing!



Rachael said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Miles! He is so cute and big! Kaitlin is I think 22 lbs at almost 15months and just barely growing out of 12month clothes.

Glad your move went well and you're enjoying your community!