Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halle's second soccer game

Hoping for a story of success with the second soccer game?
With a bribe of going to "Poppies" (an icrecream place here)
we talked about it ALLLLL week

Yet, during the warm up she started crying, A-G-A-I-N.
sat the entire game on the sidelines...
NOT picture worthy.



janine said...

don't you love how kids come out of nowhere when you have such high hopes!!!??? caleb went through a phase with swimming lessons where all he did the entire time is sit on the side and cry. the irony - not only could he swim pretty well already...but he loved it! after a couple of weeks, he was back in the water tearing it up!

Emily said...

Well...the kids should share the ball!!!

I hope she learns to love it because little kid soccer is about the cutest thing ever.

Jeremy and Taren said...

Poor Halle!! That is tough for for them to understand about stealing the ball. :( I think Kenna would be the same way. Hope she gets out there the next time. Tell Halle, Kenna says hi.

Kate Perkes said...

Samye! It has been forever, and ever... I haven't blogged in a long time, it was so good to catch up with your cute little fam. That little Miles is oh-so-cute! Is that one little tooth he has?? =) I have a question for you, and I know that I have your email somewhere but if you wouldn't mind giving it to me again....I have a good friend coming to Vegas with her husband to a convention and she needs some advice. I told her you were my go to girl... =) Thanks!

janet said...

who cares if she doesn't like soccer. She was THE CUTEST little thing singing in sacrament meeting last week. Oh, I wish I could take her home. Then I wouldn't feel so lonely when I cried... boys are just so--- stable.