Sunday, April 4, 2010

MY Easter Present

I got the BEST easter present this year... my husband came home from a long work trip. He got home late last night and I am so happy to have him home again! I try to blog when he is gone...but all I want to talk about is the fact that I miss him-and nobody really wants to hear that! He was in New Orleans building homes with a bunch of students for spring break (you know, instead of the going to Mexico and drinking yourself silly?) and had a great time. He brought home a special treat for me, ooohh lala!

So yummy! AND on that note, I just signed up for my second triathlon. SUPER SUPER excited about it, and since I just paid this means I HAVE to start training. (Great way to get rid of those last 5 STUBBORN baby lbs) It is on May 15th, which gives me exactley 6 weeks until this baby happens! The best part is that this is an all girls triathlon and it is on a different course than the one I did a year and a half ago. Super excited, and hoping I will have a couple friends join me...what is better than doing a race with a bunch of friends?

For those interested...yes Easter pics will be up soon.



Brittany Seager said...

i wish it was later i wound totally do it with you. but im in no situation to do so ;).