Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovell Canyon

Here are some pics from our HOT anniversary date...with the whole family!



Emilee said...

I love that you included the whole fam on the anniversary date. Hot dogs, smores, & #6 sounds quite memorable!

The Perkes Family said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! How fun for you and it looks very hot there in Vegas... Bring some of the heat up to Boise please! WE have had an unusually cold spring. Ready for summer!! Happy Birthday to D, hopefully it wasn't too painful turning the big 3-0. I am having serious doubts, good thing I have another year. Jake on the other had is turning 30 in July. I think for the first time he is a little hesitant about a birthday. haha... we are such babies! It would be so fun to see you guys this summer, we talk about Vegas all the time. We will have to connect one way or another.