Friday, October 9, 2009

Pajamas and Dentist

It has been a busy week, and it doesn't help that the batteries on my mouse died a couple days ago so I haven't been able to upload pictures at all!

The weather has finally started to cool down a bit here, which means that we had to get some warmer jammies for the kids. (Buying pajamas...such a bummer now*) Anyway- as you can see Bennett was having a hard time with long sleeves. Anytime I put him in long sleeves he flips out and must have his hands covered at all times. He is such a silly boy sometimes!!

On another note the kids had a Dentist appointment this week. Halle did GREAT! She let them take X-rays, cleaned her teeth, flossed and everything else!! She sat there the whole time and especially loved the pink sunglasses she got to wear!

Bennett on the other hand was not a fan. All of a sudden he has developed some sort of fear of loud noises (vacuums, dustbusters, blowdryers...) he just plugs his ears until the noise stops. So when he heard the "cleaner drill" he flipped out not wanting anything to do with the dentist. So I ended up having till lay him on my lap (what lap?) and on the Dentists lap and we pried his little lips apart...finally he settled down and let the Dentist take a look and count teeth (but I was still holding him, hence no picture). Both of my finger suckers teeth are doing well, no cavities etc. (yeah...both of them suck their fingers, and I am GOING to have a binky baby next time).


*Growing up we used to receive pajamas all the time, and even up until my dad's company sold we got pajamas for the kids for that my dad is "retired" it is not the case anymore...and pajamas ARE EXPENSIVE!


Lauren said...

Oh, it drives me nuts paying for pj's! Even with Rich working there we get no discount! I can't wait to see pics of your new little guy- although it sounds like he may not be very "little!"

Stuart Humes said...

Good luck with the binkie! I too have two finger suckers, and I thought I had broken Emma of the habbit only to walk in the room the other day and see her sucking away! WHAT! Shes almost 6!!! GRRRR!!!

Emily said...

Uh oh-you have me worried about the finger sucking! Will loves his thumbs! But I'm just going to embrace it bc it's so cute and I don't have to go help him when he loses a binky.
I guess I'll start to worry when he's 15 and still doing it. ;)