Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a wonderful Valentines day.. for the most part. We started off waking up to two really snotty noses and loud coughs (blah) but decided that we could still make it a wonderful day. Halle and D got out her Home Depot kit (he was out of town last week, so I went and picked it up so that they could do it together when he got home) and made a beautiful jewelry box together.

Then we went out shopping to get some last minute items for dinner (we do V-day dinner at home...) last year we did it after the kids went to bed and I think we will start doing that again next year. Anyway- before dinner Dustin went to get a little surprise...and "he" was not little. When he got home he arrived with Ryder, a mastiff/Labrador mix who is only 4 months old. (Yes, i was very excited!) The kids were excited, the parents were excited, and Ryder could hardly contain his excitement. We were a little nervous bringing Ryder home just due to the fact that Bennett is allergic to EVERYTHING, but since he didn't show any allergy sign to our cats we figured he would be ok....(A good assumption right?) I mean how could this cute boy be allergic to dogs...

Wrong. Every time Ryder licked Bennett (which is what puppies do) Bennett would break out in hives, welts, and his eyes were constantly watering/itchy/and red. Nice. We figured we would make it work.... we would just see what will happen. Roll around to this morning and Bennett didn't want anything to do with him (Oh yeah, insert that Ryder went from 8pm until 7am with no accident in his crate) but Bennett wouldn't even get close to him. AND when he would the hives/welts/crappage would appear again.

Needless to say Ryder's "mommy" came back and picked him up and I sit here typing this with a tear in my eye because we will (more than likely) never be dog owners thanks to this cutie pahtootie (Ben)... It was fun while we had you Ryder...and my oh my you are going to be a HUGE dog one day.

Overall it was a successfull Valentines Day, (although with Bennett screaming throughout dinner, Halle singing "How firm a foundation" at the top of her lungs and the dog snoring while he slept we will do dinner when the kids go to bed next year) it was still fabulous. Do I feel like I love my husband more- OF COURSE! But, I think I love him more and more every day that we are married. Thank you sweetie for being the man that I always dreamed off...and for being you. I love you



The Vegas Baileys said...

That is so sad! Poor Bennett. I feel so bad for him and for you. We kind of have opposite ends. I would love to have a cat but Jon is allergic. Ryder was a darling puppy!

Hil said...

SO SAD!! Poor Bennett. But, don't rule out all dogs. My dad is very allergic to pretty much all animals, however they have a Maltese and a Havanese which are supposed to be better because they don't shed. Anyway, you could check into either of those. I know you guys wanted a bigger dog... but if it would work it might be worth it!

Bree said...

I am NOT a dog lover at all, but I have to say that is a gorgeous dog!! How sad that Bennett was so allergic!!

Katherine and Brad said...

oh dang!!! i i am sorry to hear that! that dog sure is a cutie though.