Friday, February 20, 2009

Too Busy

I will start off by saying that I love animals. I really do. I have a degree in English Education yet when we first got married I went and worked at a vet clinic because I would rather get paid to be around animals than around kids (wait...aren't they the same?). I grew up with a dog and cat always in the house...along with the occasoinal guinea pig, finches (how I hate birds...but that is another post altogether), and lizards.

It wasn't until we moved to Vegas that I have grown to detest outside cats. No...I HATE them. Luckily my friend Kate let me borrow her pellet gun because my husband refuses to buy me any type of weapon (I guess he is scared of me getting mad...I have really good aim) and I have taken a keen liking to shooting any animal that comes into our side yard. Most cats have learned to stear clear of our yard just because if it comes will get shot. I figured Ok, we have this problem under control-and I actually considered returning Kate's pellet gun because we haven't had a cat visitor in a long time. Good thing I didn't.

Walking with my neighbor today we were talking and I asked her what was new...she told me...."My cat is pregnant...AGAIN! I don't know what to do...everytime I let her outside she comes back pregnant?" (She had just had a liter of kittens when we moved here). This cat is WAY TOO BUSY. At this rate she is having a new liter of kittens every 6 months thereby single handedly increasing the cat population by 25 cats a year. I do know what will solve this problem....FIXING YOUR CAT!!!!!!

Point of this story? I am buying my own pellet gun tomorrow.



jamie t. said...

Amen! Fix that cat. I can just picture you perched by the back door waiting to take aim. Keep us posted on the "busy" cat and her kittens. Maybe you should take one off her hands :)

Emily B said...

That drives me crazy when people don't get their pets fixed, especially when they let them roam around outside. And people wonder why our animal shelters are so overcrowded. Help out the rest of us and buy yourself a pellet gun.

Bree said...

You crack me up! James would be proud of you!! :)

Em said...

You crack me up! That is a funny story. I wonder what your kids think when mommy picks up the gun and swings open the back door. So Texan, I love it!