Friday, February 29, 2008


So in case you don't know his nickname is Bubba-and why, I have no idea but it works for now. Anyway- we have two items of GREAT news to share! #1- We have an official sitter! Bennett is now sitting completly on his own!! (Yipee!) He is loving being able to look around more and be more interactive! And #2 we have a tooth! His bottom left tooth finally made itself present today and I am so glad that it finally showed up! Of course it means more are to follow, but he is getting his chompers!


Anonymous said...

Totally adorable!! He's so big and has changed so much!!

Grammy :)

Hannah said...

They change so fast!

He looks so much like you, Samye!

Allison, Ben, and Eliza said...

He looks so cute! I'm sure he is going to be even happier!

Ralphs' said...

Abigail has Eczema too - I will have to try that stuff - we have to use all kinds of special products for her to not have break outs.