Sunday, February 3, 2008

Playing outside

On Saturday we tried enjoying the "warmer" weather by playing outside with the kiddos. Halle LOVED it! We ran races, played soccer, and looked at all the frozen dog poop (don't you just love living in an area where people don't pick up after their pets??). It was a lot of fun, and looking at the weather forecast for this week we could be up for some more "warm" days!!

Bubba with his hat that is just a wee too small...that or he just has a really big noggin.

Playing soccer

We realized that we just don't take enough pictures of just us. ya go!

And taking a break after such a rough soccer game.


Em said...

Um..that's your "warm weather"? Yowzas. It's funny how once the babies are born there aren't any more pics of the mom and dad, if there are any of mom at all!

Marissa said...

Hello!! I love the picture of you in your bini cute! We are NOT enjoying warm weather. We're snowed in!! Church was canceled today! Anyways, sorry i missed your call. I've been doing painting projects with my mom and it has been crazy. You should check out kyler's cousin's blog off of mine. She's in the family under Janet and Aaron. Anyways, let's talk soon!! xoxo

Hannah said...

Cute pictures!! You look darling in that picture!! Your kids are so adorable. Holy Cow...your son is getting big!!

Anne said...

You guys do so many fun things as a family. It's cute! What's with the scruff on D-man??

ericandjanine said...

Soccor with a two year old can be tiring...with Caleb, we play fetch....he seems to like it and if we get the dog in on it, we kill two birds with one racing the dog can really wear a boy out!

Joey and Kara Fabela said...

Y'all look so good! What a cute family you have! I really enjoy reading your blog. Often times I can be found on the computer 2-3 times a day checking blogs for updates! (The life of a stay at home mom with no friends and living in the middle of mormon town.)