Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strawberry picking

We have a local farm, about 5 minutes from our house that has strawberries that they let the public come and pick- so we headed out a couple of Saturdays ago and loaded up on some strawberries! 
Halle was very diligent at picking only the ripe ones- 

Bennett only looked for the biggest ones- and was delighted when he found them
 And this one....guilty. You aren't suppose to eat as you go- but once he saw what we were picking he couldn't eat them fast enough.
 And Rowe just slept the whole time- enjoying the fresh air.



Emily B said...

Holy cow! Look at that strawberry! I'm glad you guys had a nice Easter, and that you could have all of your family around for the baby's blessing. I hope you're adjusting better to 4! I've had one or two people tell me that once you get used to having three, having one or two more kids is a piece of cake. I don't think I believe them.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe them.