Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brief Moment of Sanity

For the first time in a very long time both of my older two are at school, 
and the younger two....duct taped in the closet...

TOTALLY just kidding, they are down for naps.  (My husband was just a tad bit worried when he called during lunch and it was quiet. "Where are the boys? Why is it so quiet at home?" I told him I needed alone time and I think he panicked...then i told him the truth and laughed.)

Have four kids has been an adjustment. I keep reminding myself that the first two months of having a newborn are always hard, but this is just insanity. We are slowly starting to get used to the hecticness of it all- i am sure that once we are stable the rug will get pulled out once again. Here is a brief update while I have the chance-

Dustin- doing great at work. They are gearing up for their summer SME program- (summer mentorship program). The Rice kids get to apply to an internship program located around the world and he is in charge of placing the kids THEN visiting all locations. Some of the locations he will visit this summer are New York, DC, Chicago, Austin, San Fransisco, Paris and India. 

Me- holding down the fort. Trying to keep things together with 4 children...man how did women ever have 11 children?? I would be on some serious medication. I had my 6 week check up with my Dr. last week (at 5 weeks....crazy Dr.) I am down 30 lbs and just have another 15 to go. 

Halle- is finishing up 1st grade. They are gearing up for their zoo fieldtrip this month. She has been a great helper with Rowe and has started reading the boys stories at night while I feed Rowe.

Bennett- we had the talk a bit ago that he is now the oldest boy and I need his help. He has really "manned up" and will help willingly when I need him. He has made a couple really good friends at preschool, which makes me so happy.

Miles- little man with a large personality. He currently is sporting a rather large goose egg on his forehead- which reflects his personality. Miles is eager to keep up with the older siblings, and panics whenever Rowe screams (fun for us) and will usually try shoving his binkie in his mouth. He loves going to the park but HATES the slides- so he chooses to climb on everything. You know- like the 12 foot tall climbing walls?? Makes me so nervous! 

Rowe- he is a little champ. He is finally ok eating off both sides (tmi?) he favored one side and it was like pulling teeth to get him to eat. (cue Rowe waking up hungry) He just ate, gave a nice burb so I threw him up on my shoulder so i could finish and he spit up down my back... nice. He is the KING of spitting up though. I am pretty sure he is allergic to nuts (no peanut butter for me) and has a milk issue too! Boo for both of us

My quiet time has ended- Bennett is home from school, Miles is wanting a snack...so the rat race continues. Pictures may come soon... who knows.


Glen & Kat said...

I love reading your updates. You are awesome!

Laura said...

I love this post - so honest! Good luck surviving it all - you are strong and can do it!

Stacy said...

You are amazing! I can't even imagine having 4. I go crazy with just two! Just keep taking time for yourself to stay sane!

jamie t. said...

You are amazing but I have to say, you are making me a little nervous for 4. I think you are right, those first 6 weeks or so are always a little crazy. I am glad the breastfeeding worked itself out. That can always complicate things. Keep us posted... when you have a minute! :)

Janineg said...

I feel with you! I think the biggest adjustment to a growing family is getting used to the added crazy! I keep thinking that next week will be better and calmer but as it turns out, it never is....we are just learning to function at a new level of crazy! However, I am struggling to get our baby on a schedule and I do think that once that happens, things will be a LITTLE more mellow.