Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet little man

See this sweet little man-ha. I just had to put this in- little fiesty red man.

Life has been so good with 4 children- a wee bit hectic and overwhelming. But these are the moments that I will want to remember-

You know how you go in and watch kids when they are sleeping because you seem to love them so much more when they are quiet?? 

Rowe is great- he is sleeping like a champ, FINALLY eating like a champ (he went through a spell where he didn't like nursing on one side...because he wanted to be picky and show us his personality early on), and loved by all. 

Halle LOVES singing to him while he screams, because "he likes it" (picture newborn screaming + 6 year old singing as loud as she can)

Bennett worries when he cries...almost to the point of panic that we need to do something for him. Sweet older brother. 

Miles will always "bwess Rowe" in his prayers, loves kissing him, and thoroughly enjoys putting his binky in for him (sometimes a bit harsh). 

He is definitely joining a loving family- 

ps- big shout out to a really good friend who took these GREAT pictures


knjfabela said...

He is such a cutie Samye! I just love the last pic of him so sweet.

Bree said...

So cute!!

Shannon said...


Powell's Place said...

He is the cutest little boy! Love all that hair.